Workers Compensation

Injured at Work

What to do if you suffered an injury at work

  • Report the injury/incident/accident to your employer
  • Seek medical attention and obtain a “First Certificate of Capacity”
  • Complete a “Workers Compensation Claim Form”
  • Make sure you keep copies of these two documents before you hand them to your employer

The employer only has 5 days to lodge the forms with their Insurer, who in turn must notify you within 14 days of first receiving the form of its decision regarding your claim.

One of three things can then happen with respect to liability– the claim can be:

  • Accepted – you will get weekly payments if you can’t work and receive statutory expenses
  • Disputed – you won’t get any payments pending further investigation and a reason must be given. However, there are steps that can be taken if you disagree with the decision such as an application to WorkCover
  • Pended – your claim is “put on hold” until more information can be sought, but only for an additional 10 days, after which the claim reverts back to a “disputed” claim – but this may not be the end of the matter, as an application to WorkCover can be made.

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What if you have received a Termination Date notice from the insurer?

This is an important milestone in your claim. This letter which will be addressed to you by the insurer will provide you with a date in 6 months’ time in which you will need to make a decision to elect for Common Law or not.

You should contact us as soon as you receive this letter, as this means you will need to obtain medical evidence from a WorkCover approved specialist well in advance of that Termination Date to determine whether or not you elect to proceed with a Common Law claim.

If you qualify to elect, there are further important matters you need to know, such as negligence and caps on damages. There are critical time limits to protect your rights so contact us as soon as possible for your first FREE consultation.

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